Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bird Recipe: Hanging Bird Treats

We’ve all seen how wild birds like hanging treats made with seed, but the ones that you buy at the pet store aren’t very healthy (and who knows how old it is!). The best solution to make friends with the birdies outside is to make one yourself!

In the winter, birds outside need more fat and calories, so the winter recipe reflects that.

Winter Bird Feeder Ingredients:
Peanut Butter
Seed Mix
Pine Cone

Spread peanut butter all over and into nooks and crannies of pinecone. The more area that is covered, the longer the bird feeder lasts. Once it is coated, roll the cone in seed, then sprinkle in the nooks nad crannies to get all surface areas covered.

Summer Bird Feeder Ingredients:
1 egg (including the shell)
Half a cup of seed &/or fine (or chopped) pellets
Chopped parsley or other greens, dried fruits, pellets or whatever other goodies you want to add to the treat - about a tablespoon or two worth.

1. Break the egg into a bowl and save the shells. Beat the egg until fluffy.
2. Then add the remaining ingredients.
3. Mix well, then pour/spoon the mixture into small ramekins and use an aluminum twist tie or paper clip (bent into a wire) as an inserted hanger.
4. Set your oven on LOW (200 F) and bake the whole arrangement for about an hour to dry it out. Test forms- they are done when mixture is dried out and wire stays put.

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