Monday, December 26, 2011

Bird Recipe: Fruity 'Tiel Bars

A reader shared recipe:
“I have 4 very picky cockatiels. They will not eat anything but seed but these bars they will fight over. I hope your birds love them as mine do.”

1/4 cup each:
- Crushed dried peas
- Dried apricots
- Nuts
- Crushed bananas (Dried or fresh)

3 Tbs Seed
3 Tbs Pellets
1 egg and shell (best if shell is dried and not damp)
1/4 cup + 1 Tbs Applesauce (I use 100% natural)
3 Tbs crunchy Peanut butter

Mix dry ingredients in order. You can add anything else that your bird loves. It should mix very easy. I crushed everything, but you can do it according to your bird size. Fold in the applesauce and peanut butter. It should end up like a paste.

Cook in a square pan, (easier to cut later than a circle pan), at 350 F for 30 min. It smells bad when cooking, but the birds love it. Hope your feathered family will like these.

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