Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simply the Best!

Did you know that Momma's bread wins taste tests? That's right. We like to think it's because we use quality organic ingredients. We also don't what our competitors do- which is load the bread mix full of cheap fillers with negligible nutritional value.

Take a look at competitor's bread mixes. What do you see? Open up a bag of ours and theirs and place them in glass jars, side-by-side. I'll tell you what you will see- our competitor will be mostly powdered ingredients that are unidentifiable. It's also a weird greyish color. Ours isn't all greyish powder. Veggies and fruit, seeds, and that powder you see in flour and polenta. Wholesome!

This month, you can get free shipping on 4 bags or more when you use coupon code "bestbread" upon checkout.

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