Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Much Does Your Bird Weigh? Is s/he healthy?

Here are the suggested weights these specific birds should be in (listed from lowest female weight to highest male weight). All in GRAMS.

African Grey: 300-380
Blue Crowned Conure: 84-96
Blue Headed Pionus: 238-278

Blue and Gold Macaw: 892-1294
Budgies: 30-60

Canary: 12-29
Cockatiel: 82-125
Diamond Dove: 40
Double Yellow Headed Amazon: 545
Eclectus: 383-524
Greater Indian Hill Mynah: 180-240

Green Winged Macaw: 1058-1464
Jenday Conure: 118-128

Lovebirds: 50-70
Moluccan Cockatoo: 640-1025
Orange Winged Amazon: 440-470
Scarlet Macaw: 1058-1464
Senegal: 125-150
Umbrella Cockatoo: 458-756
Yellow Collared Macaw: 223-308
Zebra Finch: 10-16

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